GeoGebra adalah perangkat lunak matematika dinamis untuk semua tingkat pendidikan yang menyatukan geometri, aljabar, spreadsheet, grafik, statistik, dan kalkulus dalam satu paket yang mudah digunakan. GeoGebra adalah komunitas jutaan pengguna yang berkembang pesat di hampir setiap negara. GeoGebra telah menjadi penyedia terkemuka perangkat lunak matematika yang dinamis, mendukung  science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education dan inovasi dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran di seluruh dunia. Menempatkan perangkat lunak dan materi matematika dinamis terkemuka di dunia di tangan siswa dan guru di mana-mana!

Nama GeoGebra
Versi 6.0.529.0
Sistem Operasi Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Fitur GeoGebra:

User-friendly interface with clear-cut options

It sports a clean interface that allows users to create mathematical objects by using dedicated tools or commands. The application offers quick access to different drawing tools that can be inserted in the working pane pretty easily.

GeoGebra gives you the possibility to add points and vectors, and perform calculations with them (for example, you can measure the length of a vector), as well as include lines and axes, conic sections and arcs, curves, inequalities, intervals, and functions.

Take advantage of a wide array of math functions

The app provides features for number creation and you can use the π and Euler constants for expressions and calculations, as well as work with angles, Boolean variables, matrix operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication), embedded text messages and images.

Customize object properties

The inserted objects can be hidden or revealed in the graphical representation, filled with a color, as well as fixed to a certain position so you cannot move, redefine or delete them. Plus, it is possible to change the name of an object, label it with its value, create animations with numbers, angles or points, and enable the tracing mode for viewing an object’s position.

GeoGebra offers support for two scripting languages (GGBScript and Javascript), so you can create a sequence of commands for designing or modifying the objects. What’s more, you may record the values for each object in a spreadsheet list, namely numbers, points, and vectors.

The generated projects can be saved to a file (e.g. HTML, PNG, EPS, GIF), uploaded on the developer’s website, or printed.